HOMEWORK: Episode 01

Have you ever felt like you’ve been failed by the system?

Did you grow up wondering why so few people in power resembled your race or gender? Did your teachers in school lack enthusiasm, knowledge, or experience? Did you have immigrant parents who relied on you to translate their business matters? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, this web series is for you.

In its pilot episode, Homework imagines what our public schools might look like in a near future where even today’s scant political oversight is compromised.


A biracial teenager suffers through a secret government directive placing prisoners in underserved schools to undermine minority students.


Madeline Walker is a biracial teenager in a high school system that treats minorities like prisoners. Her family and community neglect to give her guidance, but she has dreams. With ambitions for a news-writing internship, Madeline seeks out a recommendation letter from her English teacher. But when she receives a D on her writing exam under circumstances she knows are dubious, she comes to suspect Mr. Cunningham of deceit. What she can’t know is the unraveling conspiracy.


Running Time    |    7 Minutes and 42 Seconds
Format    |    4K

Written, Directed and Produced By    |    Darrée
Starring    |    Constance Ui-Seng François and Craig F. Johnston
Edited by    |    Craig F. Johnston
Cinematographer    |    Daniel J. Helfer
Composer    |    TJ Martin